Corporate Legal Solutions

Compliance Solutions


Our goal is to make your Company compliant and your internal policies comprehensive.

Corporate legal departments have a nightmare consolidating the obligations that they need to track to remain consistently compliant. The laws are complicated and the compendium huge with resource constraints being the order of the day in every Legal department.

Lawyerouno offers a unique three- step solution to meet all your compliance needs. Our researchers have worked on creating obligation registers/compliance checklists for clients across India, Philippines, Australia, USA, and various EMEA countries.

Use lawyerouno in 3 simple steps

  • a. Clause Library: We will provide your department with a clause library for all the laws applicable to you in light of the scope of your activities. This library will help your company prepare for Audits and conducting any other compliance health checkups.

    b. Obligation Matrix: Lawyerouno will provide your Company with an active list of compliances derived out of the clause library. These will be active and direct obligations that your Company needs to conduct in order to be compliant.

    c. Policy Plug: This involves mapping the obligation matrix to your company’s internal polices and framework. The recommendation report will help your Company make your internal framework and policy more water tight and comprehensive.

Legal Research Solutions


Our goal is to provide with cost effective and comprehensive legal research solutions.

The biggest challenge that law firms face is that of optimum utilization of their attorneys. Our goal is to help your firm run at maximum efficiency.

Lawyerouno provides legal research solutions reducing your legal research paralegal costs and making your law firm office function round the clock! Our attorneys are from the top tier Indian law schools and are trained on databases like LexisNexis. They are specifically trained various legal systems of United States of America, Australia and United Kingdom by expert attorneys from these jurisdictions. Lawyerouno provides the following models of engagement:

  • a. Research FTE (Full Time Equivalent): A dedicated legal research attorney will be deployed to your firm to cater to all of your legal research needs. The resource will be based out of Lawyerouno’s delivery centre in India.

    b. Hourly Research (A La Carte): Your firm can ship off researches to our attorneys on an “as and when” basis and Lawyerouno will raise an invoice at the end of the month or on a task to task basis. Lawyerouno provides competitive rates at $30-$40 per hour. The number of hours for a task will be scoped by your law firm.

Contract Life Cycle Management Solutions


Our goal is to facilitate or establish processes that guarantee that every contract that goes out of your Company is double checked and safeguards your rights to the tee.

Lawyerouno has qualified attorneys who are experienced in contract management solutions, reviewing, drafting and negotiating varied contracts ranging from non disclosure agreements, schedules, statement of works to more complex agreements such as master services agreements to licensing agreements. Our resources work with attorneys and paralegals as well as sales/procurement personnel and other stakeholders in an end to end process to ensure efficient closing out the contracts. Our Solutions include:

  • a. Contract Review/Drafting: Lawyerouno reviews or drafts your contracts to empower your attorneys to focus on what you hired them for. Our attorneys help you minimize your transactional risks and make your contracts safeguard your interests.

    b. Contract Management: This solution can help you streamline your contractual obligations and ensure compliance, risks mitigation, and leverage better commercial terms. Our team manages your contracts by:
    • Playbook/guidance document creation
    • Contract Review/ drafting
    • Risk analysis
    • Negotiations
    • Getting the necessary approvals to closing out the contract

    c. Contract Abstraction: Manage your contractual obligations by introducing order in to your organization’s pile of contracts. Lawyerouno introduces process in to your system by:
    • Sensitive Field identification
    • Clause abstraction
    • Clause summarization
    • Software Implementation